Introducing Scale Checkers to support accurate Star data

The Outcomes Star Scale Checkers are tools developed by Triangle for organisations using the Outcomes Star, to evaluate how well members of staff understand the Journey of Change and scales for the Star they use.

They are designed to be completed by workers who use the Star, have Star licences and who have completed core Star training.  They are free to use for licensed Star users.

Assessing how well staff members understand the Journey of Change provides a key aspect of quality assurance for your Star data. Completing the Scale Checker can help keyworkers and managers to identify where further training is required, either for individuals, for particular outcome areas or for particular stages of the Journey of Change. 

The Scale Checker also allows Triangle to gather data to test the inter-rater reliability of each of the Stars. By testing the inter-rater reliability of the Stars Triangle is able to contribute to evidence showing that the Stars are reliable and valid outcomes measurement tools. 

The Scale Checker is easy and simple to use. It consists of a fictional profile of a service user relevant to a specific version of the Outcomes Star and staff members are asked to decide where the service user is on the Journey of Change for each outcome area. The answers given are then analysed by Triangle and a report is provided to the service manager. 

Currently we have Scale Checkers available for 4 versions of the Outcomes Star, with profiles in development and coming soon for all other versions:

  • “Don” for the Carers Star
  • “Pete” for the Drug & Alcohol Star
  • “Paula” for the Family Star Plus
  • “Tamsin” for the Youth Star

If you would like to use the Scale Checker in your service or have any questions, please contact us for more information.