Terms and Prices for the Outcomes Star™

Each practitioner using the Outcomes Star™ must have a licence and must have completed our Core training.

Costs for your organisation will depend on how many practitioners will be using Outcomes Stars and how you want to approach training. Find out more below.

Outcomes Star Licence Prices

Prices start at £250 per year (includes 1 licence for your account lead)

Additional licences are £40 per person

Licences give you:

  • Validated and evidence-based outcomes measurement approach
  • Hardwiring consistent, effective and enabling practice when supporting people
  • Continually being improved with new versions, new editions and new resources
  • Secure and GDPR complaint to record service user information
  • Easy to use and set up, with a focus on best practice
  • Complete Star readings on screen without the need for paper
  • Ready-made reports to analyse and demonstrate outcomes and distance-travelled
  • Rolling program of free webinars throughout the year
  • Dedicated individualised support to help you plan and delivery your roll out – for the 1st year and beyond
  • Access to resources, guides, How To’s and the latest thinking around Star practice and Enabling Help

Outcomes Star Training Prices

Training costs depend on the number of practitioners who will be using the Outcomes Star and the training needs of your organisation.

All practitioners must complete our Core training as a minimum. 

For Core training, we offer open training (for up to 4 people per organisation), in-house training with up to 16 people per session, and a Licensed Star Trainer (train-the-trainer) programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone using the Star as part of supporting people through your service.  They can be professionals of any background including peer workers, or volunteers.

No. All published versions are available under the 1 licence, and Core training will support you to use any version of the Outcomes Star.  You can use more than 1 version at no extra cost. 

Please note, for most versions of the Star we don’t recommend using more than 1 with the same person at the same time.  There may also be important differences between the Stars that you need to be aware of before making the decision to use them.

Contact Triangle for advice on using more than 1 version.

No – licences are purely based on the number of people using the Star to provide support.  Under licence you can use the Star with as many service users as you need to.

No. Star training can only be delivered by Triangle or by people on Triangle’s Licensed Star Trainer scheme to their own organisations. 

Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Ltd is the copyright holder of the Outcomes Star and all associated tools.

Our licensing model allows us to continually invest in the quality of the Outcomes Stars, the Outcomes Star Online and the support we can provide to organisations to get the most out of the approach and tools.

For more information about our approach to copyright and for guidelines on how to comply with copyright requirements, please see our copyright page.

Organisations located in Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Denmark will be supported by our local service providers.

Contact us if you are based anywhere else in the world to see how we can support you.