Outcomes Star Training with our expert team

All members of staff using the Outcomes Star must have a Star licence and must have completed core Outcomes Star training.

The Star works most effectively if implementation is planned before training. We provide implementation guidance and training at no extra cost.  

Training is essential to support quality use of the Outcomes Star within keywork and gather reliable data.   

Our experienced and friendly team are on hand with a range of training available that will help you to understand the Star and how you can best use it to support effective change. 

  • Training available for all staff members, managers and those wishing to train staff on using the Star in their organisation 
  • build skills in keyworking, creating realistic action plans and agreeing SMART actions 
  • learn how to use the Star to build good working relationships and how to facilitate difficult conversations 
  • get flexible, responsive, client-led training that is tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Star training courses with our expert team

New to the Outcomes Star? Take a look at these courses first:

Core Star training(1 full day/2 half days)

In-house Core & Keyworking with the Star training(2 days) 

Licensed Star Trainer training (2 full days + prior completion of Core training)

In-house Manager Star sessions (half-day or 1 day)       

Core Star training(1 full day/2 half days)  

Essential for all licensed users of the Star. This one day course gives you a range of benefits including: 

  • An in depth introduction to the Outcomes Star and Journey of Change.  
  • You’ll learn how to use the Star with the people you work with, how you’ll use the Star as a basis for effective action plans and reviews. 

This two-day course combines Core Star training with keyworking approaches and techniques. 

  • Help your staff to feel confident to engage effectively with the people they work with, developing skills in Motivational Interviewing techniques, coaching and solution focused techniques.  
  • Course participants will learn how to use the Star to motivate and support change, building good working relationships and discussing difficult areas. They’ll use these skills to understand how to use the Star to help action planning. 

On successful completion of this two-day train-the-trainer course the participant will be a Licensed Star Trainer who will be able to deliver Star training across your organisation.  

  • Great option for larger organisations who may have a lot of staff to train. Having Licensed trainers can give you more flexibility around your approach to Star training, and build a legacy of skills and expertise in the Star in your organisation.  
  • Take advantage of regular professional development opportunities, delivered remotely, to meet other Licensed Star Trainers, with access to flexible support, training resources, and additional training from Triangle. 

These flexible workshops help managers learn effective implementation of the Star.  

  • Workshops can cover area like briefing on the Star, ensuring you have the right version of the Star and approach to training, using and integrating the Star and IT and reporting. 
  • In-house sessions are fully flexible – shaped to fit the time available, the stage of implementation you are at and answer all your questions. 

Want to develop your Star practice? Take a look at the courses below:

In-house Refresher or Practice Review Star training (half-day or one day) 

In-house Outcomes Star and Action Planning training(half day)

In-house Outcomes Star and Difficult Conversations training(half-day) 

Give your use of the Star a boost with responsive, client-led training for workers and managers who have started using the Outcomes Stars with the people they work with. 

  • Responsive to your needs and can cover areas such as: helping staff to develop their skills in completing Stars collaboratively with clients, improving accuracy and consistency in how Stars are completed and learning more about using Star data effectively. 

Develop your understanding of the Star and the skills needed to create collaborative action and support plans. 

  • Designed to build on the key skills from Core Star training to support workers to produce high-quality, user-led actions plans based on service user Stars.  
  • Participants will explore what is currently working for them and how to develop their practice to better support change. 

This course focuses on supporting workers to manage difficult conversation when using the Outcomes Star 

  • Draws on the principles of Motivational Interviewing and introduces a range of techniques to use when working with people. This course will offer the opportunity for participants to practice a number of techniques and consider what will be most effective when using them in their work.  

Want to learn more about Star training? We're here to help

Most of our Star training courses can be delivered face to face or remotely via Zoom or TEAMS. Remote training is delivered in half-day modules and face to face training in full day(s). 

Special offer: 10% off training costs when you book Refresher training together with Core training.  

We usually need around 4-6 weeks’ notice in order to organise a trainer and materials, so please speak to us about your timescales.  

Please note any members of staff completing Star training will also need Star licences. 



“All staff have reported back positively about the training and how they can’t wait to get going now. Kate is a very experienced trainer who delivered the information clearly, effectively and in a very engaging manner.  The training was just great and has motivated the team who are very keen now to introduce the Outcome Star as soon as we can.”   – Manager, service provider

Some top tips for using the Star with service users.