The Substance Misuse sector

Explore the Stars available for services working around substance misuse

The focus of the sector is on supporting service users to overcome addiction and achieve safe sustained recovery and reintegration into their communities.

This sector can include organisations and services from Local Authorities, the NHS or the voluntary sector. Often service users experience substance misuse issues alongside other complex needs which means it features in many versions of the Outcomes Star. Below we set out the Stars where substance misuse is the focus.

Drug and Alcohol Star

The Drug and Alcohol Star looks at 10 areas key to recovery from substance misuse and is designed for use with adults.

Family Impact Star (Addictions)

The Family Impact Star is suggested for use with the family members (partners, close friends or adult children) that are impacted by the addictive behaviour of someone close to them. 

Gambling Recovery Star

The Gambling Recovery Star explores 8 key areas and is designed to support individuals with gambling related problems.

Teen Star

The Teen Star is designed for use with young adults. It is in a short format that is quick and easy to use, and is suitable for use with young adults misusing substances and with other complex needs.