My Mind Star™

The Outcomes Star for young peoples mental health and well-being

Copyright: Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Limited

The My Mind Star has been developed for use with young people who are experiencing mental illness or poor mental health.

It has been designed for use in early intervention services that aim to prevent the onset or development of mental illness, and to fill the gap before a mental illness is diagnosed. It may also be used to support young people who are experiencing poor mental health. This can include low mood, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness or self-harming, or who have a diagnosed mental health condition. My Mind Star has seven key areas, designed to open up the conversation between key or support workers and service users. These areas are designed along a five point scale:

  1. Feelings and emotions
  2. Healthy lifestyle
  3. Where you live
  4. Friends and relationships
  5. School, training and work
  6. How you use your time
  7. Self-esteem

Resources to use the Star are available for organisations with a Star Licence and training for all workers and managers using the Star. We are also actively researching into the psychometric properties of the My Mind Star and Star data and plan to publish our findings on this area in the near future. Contact us for more information.

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