Our vision

Our vision is a society in which everyone is able to thrive

Our mission

Our mission is to help service providers transform lives by creating engaging tools and promoting enabling approaches

Research shows that enabling help is what works – this means being collaborative, strengths based, trauma informed, person-centred and outcomes focused. We champion this approach as well as providing tools that help to make it a reality in services

Our priority is supporting sustained positive outcomes by working holistically and addressing root issues rather than ‘sticking plaster’ approach.

Our sector-wide approach enables all service providers to benefit from well-researched and designed tools at affordable cost and builds sector collaboration and knowledge.

We strive for visually engaging, user focused design and language in everything we do from digital to paper and from key-work tools to reports for managers and commissioners.

Our values

Bringing together the heart, the head and the hands in creative collaboration

Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise is an innovating, mission-led organisation that exists to help people reach their highest potential and live meaningful and fulfilling lives, often in the context of social disadvantage, trauma, disability or illness.

We do this by creating and supporting the Outcomes Star and other tools and approaches to unlock the potential of both individuals and the workers and organisations who support them. Creating outcome measures is about applying a rigorous and analytical approach to human behaviour, together with an understanding of how people change and the practical realities of service delivery.  As such it requires robust analytical skills (the head), a respect for human motivations (the heart) and a practical outlook (the hands).

Triangle brings together:


  • The heart. We believe in human potential. We respect human motivations and believe in the possibility of growth even in challenging circumstances or when things seem very stuck. And we truly value the power of human connection to achieve this.
  • The head. We believe in the importance of clarity and in the power of analysis and on-going learning. We apply a rigorous and analytical approach to human behaviour.
  • The hands. We want to put our values into action and be of practical service to the sectors, organisations, keyworkers and service users who use and work with our tools and approaches.

We believe that by balancing human connection, clear thinking and action we can make a real difference in the world. We have assembled a team with an unusual combination of experience and expertise including research and evaluation, business management, service development and delivery, management consultancy, market research, coaching, Buddhist teachings and practices, Focusing and humanistic psychotherapy. Meet some of our team here.

All of our work is underpinned by these values and a belief in the power of creative collaboration for growth and positive change. Triangle creatively collaborates with service providers, funders and commissioners, universities and sector bodies world-wide, including:

  • Over 60 organisations including charities, local authorities, NHS trusts and funders to develop new versions of the Outcomes Star before publishing them for the whole sector
  • Universities and evaluators such as CFE Research, Queens University Belfast and RMIT University in Melbourne to research the effectiveness and validity of the Outcomes Star
  • Software providers such as Substance, Servelec CoreLogic and CDPSoft to offer innovative ways for organisations to use the Star digitally
  • Frontline services and training providers in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Finland and France to take the Star to the world

The focus of our work is on creating and supporting the use of the Outcomes Star suite of tools which promote and measure individual change. See the About the Outcomes Star section for more information on the values behind the Outcomes Star. This exemplifies the potential of bringing together an understanding of how people change with the ability to use analysis and data to shed light on the outcomes achieved in service delivery. Read more about our approach to outcomes here.

We are starting to develop other tools and approaches to support the wider service delivery system that exists to enable this individual change to happen.

For more information about Triangle and our mission and values, please contact us.