The Outcomes Star™ in the USA

There is an increasing number of enquiries and interest in the Outcomes Star from the USA. If you are an organisation based in the US interested in using any version of the Star, please contact Triangle directly.

We have an associate based in New York – Collete Fanning – who is able to deliver training throughout the US.  We are also interested to hear from organisations with experience of work with families and children who may be interested in a licence to train and support people to use the Stars.


Our work with organisations in the USA

In November 2014, Triangle Director Sara Burns and associate Amaragita Pearse spent a week with the Fortune Soceity in New York, training over 40 frontline staff and managers, equipping a team of Licensed Trainers and helping plan a staged rollout of the Outcomes Star across the organisation. We are in discussions with the Fortune Society about training and supporting other organisations in their sector under licence. 

Horizon House in Philadelphia was our first US-based Star user. They contacted us in March 2010 and, following training from Triangle, started using the Star across a range of services.

“Supported living staff love the Recovery Star. For many, it could begin a journey of change they may have never discovered before.” Horizon House