How the Outcomes Star works with other frameworks

We know that services are often working with a number of different frameworks and approaches for supporting person-centred, outcomes-focused care and support. It can be useful to understand how the Star supports and fits within those frameworks, or to understand how and why the Star is different.

Below you can find a series of our How To guides that set out how the Star works with a selection of widely used approaches.  If there is an approach missing that you would like guidance around, please contact us.  All of the guides below are working documents, and we are always looking to learn more from organisations and gain more examples to bring them to life.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of the guides or share some best practice with us, please contact us.

How to use Star data in an impact report

How to complete the Star remotely

How to use the Star in a trauma informed approach

How to work with the Care Act 2014

How to link the Star and the DAIsy system

How to use the Star within OBA framework

How to use the Star within the Troubled Families framework

How to use the Star with Early Help Assessments

How to use the Star with Making It Real

How to use the Star with Signs of Safety