Support Stars™

The Outcomes Star for children and young people facing serious illness

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There are two versions of the Support Star available:

  • Support Star (Young People)™ – designed for use with young people facing serious illness
  • Support Star (Parents)™ – designed for use with parents of younger children facing serious illness

Both versions of the Support Star have been developed in collaboration with CLIC Sargent, the UK cancer charity for children and young people.  The Stars are suitable for young people and parents caring for children with cancer and any serious acute or life-threatening illness.

Support Star (Young People) helps young people facing serious illness to talk about the impact of their illness on different aspects of their life and identify any support they may need.

It covers 7 areas:

  1. Physical health
  2. Study and work
  3. Doing what matters to you
  4. Money
  5. Friends and relationships
  6. Home and family
  7. Emotional well-being

Support Star (Parents) focuses on 6 areas relevant to parents of children facing serious illness:

  1. Looking after your child
  2. Managing practicalities
  3. Money
  4. Your child’s education
  5. Being a family
  6. Your emotional well-being

Everyone’s experience of serious illness will of course be different, but the pattern of change is often similar. Both Stars follow the same 5-stage Journey of Change, breaking down the process that people go through in responding to illness and in navigating through the impact it has on different aspects of life:

  1. Not able to respond
  2. Taking it in
  3. Trying to respond
  4. Finding a way through
  5. Managing well

Full resources for either or both Stars are available for organisations with a Star Licence and training for all managers and workers using the Star.

Using the Support Stars in other languages

We are working on and welcome enquiries regarding using any of the Stars internationally and in other languages.  Currently we have translated Scales for both Support Stars available in Welsh, Lithuanian, Urdu, Polish and Chinese.

Please contact us for more information on translations and using the Star in another language. 

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