The Refugee and asylum seeking sector

Explore the Stars available for services working with refugee and asylum seekers

This sector supports people who are have travelled from their countries of origin to claim safety and settle in another.  These individuals are frequently disenfranchised, often having suffered multiple traumas, and who are limited in terms of community support and family systems and who frequently experience many challenges in various areas including cultural, financial, housing, health, mental health, education and employment.

Our Stars are designed to be used by organisations working with individuals to support and measure change by holistically looking at various areas of their lives and empowering both support workers and service users in making change and facilitating conversations and improvements where possible.

Planning Star

The Planning Star is a Star designed for use with unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people (from the very young up into their mid-twenties) who are separated from their families. This Star can also be used with those who have come unaccompanied to this country to settle with relatives in the UK. The Star helps to provide good practice benchmarks and specifically addresses the complex needs and challenges for the sector.

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Integration Star

The Integration Star is designed for use with refugees needing support to integrate into their new country and to build a new life there.

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