The Outcomes Star™ in Finland

Interest in outcomes-driven practice in social sectors is growing across Finland.  UUSIA Network have the exclusive licence to provide Outcomes Star (Tulostähti) in Finland.
If you are an organisation based in Finland and you are interested in introducing the Outcomes Star into your service, please contact UUSIA Network directly to discuss your needs.

Phone: +47380 408 074



About UUSIA Network

Anne Bland and Uusia Network Oy started work as our new collaborators in Finland in September 2014. Anne first visited Triangle in the UK in 2012 when she accompanied a Finnish government delegation. When she was contacted in 2014 by the City of Tampere who was in need of an outcomes measurement tool for their older person’s services, she established translated the Older Person’s Star into Finnish. The translated Star is being piloted by the City of Tampere. Uusia Network have also translated the Recovery Star, Family Star Plus, My Star, Youth Star and the Work Star and are planning to translate further Stars to respond to the growing need for an outcomes-based approach in Finland.