How could social provision achieve more?

The Enabling Help report outlines why a rethink of the ideas that drive the service delivery system is essential for people with complex and long term needs.

It provides a new set of ideas to unlock the potential in research, policymaking, commissioning, and how services are delivered and managed.

What’s in the report?

  • An assessment of the ideas driving the service delivery system off course
  • The six fundamental principles of effective help
  • A vision of what help should look like
  • Twenty years of wisdom synthesized from front-line practitioners
  • Why we need to build responsive, co-learning service delivery systems
  • How to maximise human potential for change

Author: Joy MacKeith, Strategic Director & Co-Founder, Triangle

Joy MacKeith joins Next Stage Radicals podcast.

She shares her radical idea that social provision today is based on ideas borrowed from other fields. They don’t fit the work of human services and are driving provision off course.  Instead of borrowing from elsewhere, we need to base services on what we know about human beings and what we all need to thrive.

Joy MacKeith in discussion with Toby Lowe

The truth about how outcomes are really created in public services

How the Outcomes Star can support service transformation

Joy MacKeith in discussion with Toby Lowe

About us

Triangle creates engaging tools and promotes enabling approaches that help funders, commissioners and service providers to transform lives. The Outcomes Stars are an evidence-based way of co-creating and measuring change.

Outcomes Star Key Statistics

1.4 million Stars

There have been 1.4 million Outcomes Star readings completed on the Outcomes Star online application

More effective keywork

87% of Star users report that their key-work is more effective as a result of using the Star

Recognised around the world

The Outcomes Stars are used by over 1000 organisations around the globe

Collaboratively created

Triangle has collaborated with over 100 organisations to develop the Stars suite

Research based

Over 60 research studies into different versions of the Outcomes Star have supported its validity as a social outcomes measurement tool

Tailored to sector use

There are forty-four versions of the Outcomes Star tailored to meet different needs, in the UK, fifteen social sectors use the Outcomes Star