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This research library includes all original empirical research Triangle has located through periodic literature searches and other means. Other material including service impact evaluations and reflective pieces not based on empirical research are included where they are of particular interest.

A full list of publications by our Research Analyst, Dr Anna Good is available for download here: publications-dr-anna-good2-3, or you may view our psychometric factsheets and development reports here


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  • Planning Star Development Report

    This report describes the development process for the Planning Star, including feedback from workers and service users and initial work supporting the psychometric properties of this version of the Star (Responsiveness, Internal consistency, Skew and Item redundancy).

    Joy MacKeith, Sara Burns and Dr Anna Good with Sandra Greaves; Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Ltd

  • Salvation Army (Hong Kong): Evaluative Study on Support Service for Street Sleepers and underprivileged by using the “Outcome Star” Model’

    This study compared outcomes for service users who completed the Homelessness Star versus standard care during support from the Salvation Army.
    While the sample was small, there was some indication that outcomes were better for those completing the Homelessness Star:
    • Anxiety reduced for those using the Star and increased for those not using the Star
    • Social acceptance and social interaction outside of interaction with keyworkers increased for those using the Star and reduced for those not using the Star
    • Financial management improved for those using the Star and worsened for those not using the Star
    • The life satisfaction index (including exercise, personal hygiene, relaxation, communication etc.) increased for those using the Star and did not change for those not using the Star
    Service users felt that the Homelessness Star helped them with goal setting, taking responsibility and taking action. They found it useful to review goals and progress on a regular basis. The care and respect of staff was seen as critical in implementing the Outcomes Star.
    Staff reported the advantages of the Outcomes Star to be its strength-based approach, emphasizing motivation to change and taking responsibility and expressing where someone is ‘concisely with scores’. They appreciated the collaborative method and the motivational benefits of the small and feasible goals set using the Star and of visualizing progress. The report noted that the ‘comprehensive framework and mechanism of regular review also facilitated conducting continuous assessment on service users’. Staff noted that the Star provides and overall framework to understand the situation, but success depends on the professional skills of staff.
    Service users and staff expressed some concerns that external factors such as economic structure and aging were insufficiently covered, and Triangle is committed to addressing this.

    Dr. Wong Hung and Dr. Wong Yu Cheung

  • Development of the Recovery Star (4th edition)

    This describes the development process of the Recovery Star including the 4th edition

    Anna Good