International use of the Star

Outcomes Stars are growing in popularity across the world, and we aim to provide tools that are accessible and useful to services delivering support worldwide.

We are actively learning about how Outcomes Stars can bridge cultural and language differences, and how to sustain the capacity and resources needed to support that work in meaningful ways.

Our Partner Organisations

Direct international support

Translating the Stars into another language

As strength-based, trauma-informed and person-centred language is so important to Outcomes Stars, we are focused on ensuring that translations maintain the same level of quality and accuracy.

Only Triangle, or organisations with the permission and oversight of Triangle, can translate Outcomes Stars.

Many Outcomes Stars have already been translated into multiple languages and are available for use under licence. Please see link on the right to view our translated Stars readily available.

Where a translation is not already available, we require the use of a specific, expert translation specialist, who we have worked with before on Outcomes Stars and who we have briefed on the values and principles behind Star language.

As a general rule, organisations who require the translation must cover the cost of the translation which starts at approximately £1000 (exceptions can apply in specific circumstances).

Contact us for more information about Outcomes Stars in other languages.