Implementing the Star

Making sure that the Outcomes Star works for you

How well the Star is implemented can have a big impact on how effective the Star can be for service users, keyworkers, managers, commissioners and others.

For a simple introduction to the Star and how to use it well, see our videos filmed with Housing & Care 21 in Oldham – setting out top tips when using the Star with service users.

Used well, the Star can deliver a number of vital benefits:

  • More engaged people you support who are empowered to reflect on their own journeys and goals for the future
  • Better, more outcomes-focused practice delivered through a consistent framework across frontline teams
  • Better communication between practitioners, teams and other agencies about the people you are supporting
  • Meaningful and interesting outcomes information for management and external stakeholders

More information on the benefits of the Outcomes Star can be found in the About the Star section.

In order to realise these benefits, it is important that the introduction of the Star into a service is managed and thought-through as a change process in its own right. The unique nature of the Star means that unlike a typical outcomes measure, using the Star often has far-reaching implications within a service or organisation – triggering changes to the way you support service users, handle paperwork, record service user data and supervise staff.

Managing these changes through an implementation plan is often the key to success with the Star.


Getting started with implementation

In general, Triangle have learnt that there are four key areas to be aware of when thinking about implementing the Star:

  1. Educating and engaging all stakeholders with the empowering values and the Journey of Change approach of the Outcomes Star
  2. Creating or building on a foundation of keywork skills and a person-centric service culture
  3. Organising the right Star versions, the right licences and the right training to suit the needs of your organisation
  4. Integrating the Star effectively into your paperwork and processes, and alongside or as part of any IT or software you use

When your service becomes a licensed Star user, someone from the Triangle regional teams will become your lead point of contact, and will provide you with tools and support to guide you through these key areas and help you use the Star well.

Example implementation tool  – free for licensed Star users

The Implementation Tracker is a Star-like tool, to help services assess their use of the Outcomes Star and to identify areas already working well, and those that need improving.  Designed to be used once a service is up and running with the Outcomes Star, it’s been created with input from practitioners, managers and licensed Star trainers, and is in the resources on Outcomes Star Online.

If you are already using an Outcomes Star and would like some more support with implementation, please get in touch with your regional team.