The Employment sector

Explore the Stars available for work, training and employment services

The employment sector includes employment programmes and services looking at skills provision, self-employment and youth employment services.

Many services in this sector are part of major schemes such as the UK Government’s Work Programme, Work & Health Programme or the European Social Fund. They can span many different types of service users and many different settings, many of which are served by the published Outcomes Stars set out below.

Pathway Star

The Pathway Star is designed for use with people who need considerable support if they are to move towards work. This includes people currently facing significant barriers to work, such as health or housing problems, substance misuse, crime, domestic abuse, family culture (including generations of people not in work) or household finances.

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Work Star      

The Work Star has been designed for use with adults out of work or returning to the workplace. It provides a holistic framework for services to use when supporting service users, as well as a simple way of measuring progress to work.

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