Preview any version of the Outcomes StarTM

Each version of the Outcomes Star is designed to be a sector-wide tool and is created in collaboration with services and service users to make sure it meets the particular needs of each sector.  

The first step is to make sure an Outcomes Star is suitable for your service.  Outcomes Star tools will work for frontline services who:

  • Offer keywork and 1:1 conversations and support with service users
  • Work with service users over time, for more than 6 weeks
  • Work in a holistic way, addressing multiple and complex areas of a person’s life

If you are not sure if these apply to your service, please contact Triangle to talk through the context of your service as a first step.

Discover which version is right for you by looking through the list below, check out our guidance in the Resources section or talk to Triangle about your service.  Sign up to access free previews of each version.

Want to get started?

If you know which version or versions of the Star you want to use in your service and you have previewed the relevant resources already, your next step is to decide how you want to use the Star (and therefore which type of Star licence you need) and which of the Star training option is right for you.  You can either explore these choices yourself by going to our Terms and Prices page, or just get in touch with Triangle to discuss your needs.  


Upcoming Stars

The following Stars are currently in development:

  • A Star for families impacted by addictions
  • New Star reviews of existing Family Stars and others
  • A Star for people with long Covid and fatigue

Interested in developing new Stars?

The following Stars have been discussed with interested organisations but have not yet got the collaborators needed to start development:

  • For people living with dementia
  • For neuro-developmental needs

If you are interested in collaborating on creating a new Star, please contact us.

To find out more about any of the developments listed above, please contact us or see our Star development page.