The Outcomes Star™ in Ireland

Triangle and our associate, Ivor Mitchell, provide Outcomes Star licences, training and services directly to organisations based in the Republic of Ireland.

Please contact us for more information or for a conversation about what we can do for your organisation. The Star is widely used across Ireland by organisations such as Le Cheile, National Learning Network, University of Galway, YMCA Ireland and HSE Monaghan.

Outcomes Star licences for organisations in Ireland

In order to use the Star, organisations need a license and every worker needs to complete approved Outcomes Star training. Licences for Irish Star users are available directly from Triangle.

Services can choose between a licence to use the Star on paper (Basic Licence) or opt for our online system, the Star Online, or choose to use the Star within third-party licensed software. Licences are priced in GBP (£). You can find full information about the licence options, prices and what each licence includes here