Attention Star™

The Outcomes Star for attention, learning and behaviour

Copyright: Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Limited

The Attention Star has been developed for use with children and young people aged between 5 and 18, who have difficultly paying attention, learning and/or with their behaviour at school or in other situations, whether or not they have a particular diagnosis. 

The Attention Star was developed by Triangle with Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust, and in particular consultant clinical psychologist Richard Gilham and Dr Anastasia Bem.

An updated 2nd Edition was published on the 11th October 2018, removing specific references to a diagnosis of ADHD and making the resources and language more child-friendly.

The Attention Star covers eight areas essential to helping children and young people manage their ADHD:

  1. School and learning
  2. Your routine
  3. Family
  4. Friends 
  5. Being healthy
  6. How you feel
  7. How you behave
  8. Attention and organisation

The Attention Star is based on a five-stage Journey of Change:

  1. Stuck
  2. Getting help
  3. Trying things out
  4. Finding what works
  5. Managing well

Full resources are available for organisations with a Star Licence and training for all workers and managers using the Star.

Free previews of the updated Attention Star resources:

Attention Star Scales

Attention Star User Guide