Find the Star that’s right for you

Since the publication of the original Outcomes Star for homelessness in 2006, Triangle have worked with a wide variety of collaborators to develop versions of the Star specifically tailored for different sectors, service types and service users.

Find your sector in the list below, and click on it to see more information about the Stars available in that sector.  You can also refer to our Which Star? Guide for more advice.

If you’re not sure where to start with outcomes, you might find it useful to first identify the outcomes your service is aiming to achieve – this can then help you choose the right Star for your service.  Read our simple guide here.

If you don’t find a Star that fits your needs, you might want to explore developing a new version with Triangle.  Visit our Developing Stars page for more information.

Explore the Stars available for the sector you work in

Star sectors in alphabetical order

Make sure the Outcomes Star is suitable for your service

The Outcomes Star doesn’t suit all service delivery approaches and settings.  Before exploring the different versions available, you should make sure that the Outcomes Star is applicable for you.  Any version of the Outcomes Star will be applicable if:

  • You have an on-going relationship with your service users in which you meet one-to-one on a regular basis
  • You want to measure outcomes as an integral part of the on-going work of your organisation rather than through occasional research
  • You want to measure progress on all or most of the areas in the Star
  • You want to measure distance travelled towards end outcomes rather than just whether or not an end outcome has been achieved
  • You want to use the data in an on-going way for learning and service-improvement.

If the points above aren’t true for your service, then you may want to get in touch with us to talk it through before you continue to look into the Star.  You may need to consider other tools and approaches, and the Inspiring Impact programme is a good place to start. 

If you are struggling to get started with what outcomes means for your service, try our simple guide to defining outcomes.