Working with you to provide digital solutions for person-led change

Outcomes Star Online is the recommended digital solution for using Outcomes Star, with unique features supporting best practice use and implementation.

Our aim is that our platform works seamlessly alongside any software that organisations use to manage their work and to store information about the people they support (case management systems, electronic patient health records, databases and more.)

Join our integration pilot and integrate with the Outcomes Star Online

We are currently piloting integration features so that Outcomes Star Online can be used alongside any other software – supporting a seamless and efficient experience for practitioners, a single point of truth for information about people and support, and secure and safe data sharing.

We have a partner REST API (including FHIR compliance – see NHS Digital here for more information), designed to provide universally useful endpoints to support data to travel in and out of the Outcomes Star Online.

You can download a short brochure for the integration pilot here, or register your interest to join by completing this form, and someone will get in touch.

Whilst our integration features are in pilot, we are continuing to work with a selection of clients and other software providers to incorporate elements of Outcomes Star content and functionality into software directly, under licence.

For more information on that route, please contact us.

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