Outcomes Star and action planning training 

Boosting the understanding and skills needed to create collaborative and effective action and support plans with the Outcomes Star 

Understanding the importance of action planning and being able to create effective action plans in collaboration with service users is critical in effecting change.

This half-day course is designed to build on the key skills from core Star training to support workers to produce high quality, user-led, action plans based on service users Stars.  During the course, participants will explore what is currently working for them in terms of action planning and they will learn how to develop their practice in this crucial aspect of supporting change.

This course is designed for keyworkers who have already completed core Star training and who have already been using the Outcomes Star with service users for a period of time.  The course will be run in-house at an organisation for a maximum of 16 participants per session.

Contact us or email us at info@triangleconsulting.co.uk for more information, prices or to book this training.