What is the Outcomes Star™?

The Outcomes Star is:

  • A family of evidence-based tools for measuring and supporting change when working with people.
  • A unique and innovative way for frontline services to demonstrate their impact whilst improving their keywork.
  • Tailored to specific sectors, with over 25 versions developed in collaboration with service users, service providers and commissioners
  • Widely used in the UK by national and local charities, Local Authorities, the NHS, Police, schools, housing associations, care and support services, and growing internationally across Europe, Asia, Australasia and the USA.
  • Available under licence and with training for all members of staff using the Star

For a general introduction to the Outcomes Star, please download our Briefing: What is the Outcomes Star? from the Resources section on the right of this page. 

The Star is underpinned by three values – empowerment, collaboration and integration – which sets it apart from traditional approaches.

The values that inform the Outcomes Stars are similar to those of person-centred, strengths-based and co-production approaches:

  • The Star places importance on the service user’s perspective and priorities, as in a person-centred approach
  • The holistic assessment offered by the Star focuses on aspects of life that are going well in addition to areas of difficulty, as in a strengths-based approach
  • As in co-production, the service user is seen as an active agent in their own life and a valuable source of expertise and knowledge rather than a passive sufferer of an affliction that the professional, with their expertise and knowledge, will cure.

As a result, implementing the Outcomes Star can provide an effective way of putting these approaches and values into practice in a service.

How does the Outcomes Star work?

The Outcomes Star works because it is a unique outcomes measurement tool, which is designed to be used in collaboration with service users in an objective and fully integrated way. Using the Star enables keyworkers to work more effectively with service users. There are 9 key steps in how the Outcomes Star works.


Why does the Outcomes Star work?

There are ten significant reasons which ensure that each Outcomes Star works effectively to support and measure change for a wide-variety of sectors.


History of the Outcomes Star

The Outcomes Star is an evidence-based tool that was first created by Triangle in 2003, since then each new Star has been carefully crafted to fit the needs of service users, keyworkers in specific sectors.


Why use the Outcomes Star?

A short video on how the Outcomes Star has impacted relationships between staff and service users at housing & care 21.

For other videos on how to use the Star, visit TOP TIPS FOR USING THE STAR