Using the Outcomes Star™

Find your Star 

The first step in using the Star is to find the version that is right for your service. If you don’t know which version you need, explore our sector-by-sector guide to find the Stars for your sector

Find your Star

Use the Star online

Find out what the Star Online system offers

Use the Star online

Terms and prices

The Outcomes Star is a licensed tool and all members of staff using the Star must complete Star training. Find out more about licencing and training options and costs available for the Star


Star training

Triangle offer a variety of Star training options to suit your organisation, including open, in-house and train-the-trainer courses. Explore Triangle’s training courses and approaches



The Star is a simple tool but it can touch on many aspects of service delivery. Triangle have supported many organisations to implement the Star effectively – explore our implementation advice and guidance


Using Star data

The data captured by the Outcomes Star can provide a unique and insightful data set for services reporting on distance-travelled and outcomes for individuals. Discover what the Star data can do for you


The Star Online and using the Star with other IT and software

Although the Star can be used just on paper, having an electronic way to complete Stars and store Star data can be hugely important in getting the most out of the tool. Find out more about the options available for using the Star with software


Preview the Stars

If you know which version of the Star you need, you can download a free preview of the Star resources