Star Online and other software

Get the most out of the Star by using it in Triangle’s online app or in your own IT system

Although the Star can just be used on paper, having an electronic way to complete Stars and store Star data can be hugely important in getting the most out of the Outcomes Star.

Not only does it make analysing the data possible in many different ways, but it can also make it easier and more engaging to complete the Star collaboratively with service users.

Triangle have developed our own web application called the Star Online.  Originally launched in 2011, the new and improved Star Online is now available.  

Watch the short video below for an overview, or go to the About the Star Online page for more information

Triangle also work with and approve software system providers and people developing their own in-house software to incorporate the Outcomes Star in the IT they are already using for service user information.  Go to the Using the Star in software page page for more information.

Introducing the new and improved Star Online