The Mental Health sector

Explore the Stars available for the mental health sector

The mental health sector relates to any services providing support to people recovering from mental illness and/or managing their mental health.

Providers are often voluntary or private sector organisations, as well as the NHS and specialist mental health NHS Trusts.  The Recovery model is widely used across the mental health sector, and underpins the empowerment Journey of Change built into the Outcomes Stars.

Recovery Star (4th Edition)

The Recovery Star (4th Edition) is designed for use with people who are experiencing problems with mental health.  This new edition of the Recovery Star has developed and improved on the original Recovery Star.

My Mind Star

My Mind Star is designed for use in early intervention services that aim to prevent the onset or development of mental illness, and to fill the gap before a mental illness is diagnosed. It may also be used to support young people in managing their mental health and well-being, exploring low mood, stress, sleeplessness, anxiety or self-harm, as well as diagnosed mental illnesses.

Family Impact Star (Addictions)

The Family Impact Star is suggested for use with the family members (partners, close friends or adult children) that are impacted by the addictive behaviour of someone close to them. 

Parent and Baby Star

The Parent and Baby Star is a Star developed specifically for use with both mothers and/or fathers who may need extra support during pregnancy and for the first year after birth.  It is designed to support perinatal mental health and well-being.

Preparation Star

The Preparation Star is a visual tool to support conversations about what is important to people when they consider their final years or months. It may be most relevant for people following a diagnosis, or for those who are elderly or have a health condition.

Recovery Star Secure

The Recovery Star Secure is a variant of the Recovery Star and is specifically designed for secure services or forensic mental health services working with service users in secure settings.