The Domestic Abuse sector

Explore the Stars available for services in this sector

This sector is relevant for any services providing support to the survivors of domestic or sexual violence and abuse.

There are many different service user groups who can be affected by domestic abuse or violence, as well as increasingly more services focused on working with the perpetrators of abuse as well as the survivors. Triangle are keen to expand the Stars available for this sector, but below you can find details of the tools that have already been published.

Change Star    

The Change Star is suitable for use with men who are participating in a behaviour change programme or other service for perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Empowerment Star    

The Empowerment Star has specifically been designed for use with women who have experienced domestic abuse. It is widely used in women’s refuge settings and outreach services.

Family Impact Star (Addictions)

The Family Impact Star is suggested for use with the family members (partners, close friends or adult children) that are impacted by the addictive behaviour of someone close to them.