26th June 2024
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Using the Outcomes Stars – from Practitioner to Trainer

Farida Thomson reflects on her personal experience of using the Outcomes Stars (specifically My Star and Family Star Plus) as a practitioner.

16th April 2024
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New Offline App – coming soon

We’re working on a brand-new Offline App to empower practitioners to complete Stars collaboratively on screen with the people they support, without needing an internet connection.

16th April 2024
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5 Tips for using Star Data in your Reports and Evaluations

Tips on how to use Star data to evidence your organisations impact, and how to include these in your annual trustee reports.

12th December 2023
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Making integration work for organisations using Outcomes Stars™

With our Integration Pilot well underway, we’ve got some news about it’s future as well as some reflections on what we’ve learnt so far.

24th October 2023
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Evidence that the Star accurately reflects change occurring during service provision

Three reasons Star readings can reflect changes that occur during service provision.

28th September 2023

Share your feedback on the Empowerment Star

If you are an organisation or practitioner using the Empowerment Star – we would like to hear from you! Contribute your feedback for a new edition of the Empowerment Star – the Outcomes Star for women who have experienced domestic violence.

3rd July 2023

Continually evolving Outcomes Star Online

When we launched the new and improved Outcomes Star Online platform in 2020, we were aware that what we were launching was a Minimum Viable Product. We knew it was only the start of where we could use digital technology to help people get the most out of the Outcomes Star. Following a year of […]

3rd July 2023

Outcomes Stars in children’s social care settings

We’ve been noticing an increase in enquiries about using the Star in children’s social care, which may reflect upcoming changes in the requirements for outcomes measurement and keywork in this sector. The Department for Education’s recently consulted on a new children’s social care national framework and indicators dashboard, and we were pleased to contribute to […]

21st June 2023

Why relational services matter

Joy MacKeith shares her thoughts after the inaugural Towards Relational Public Services (TRePubS) Conference How do you deliver public services that are relational – services that recognise and respond to the unique needs and circumstances of each individual?  That was the topic of the conference ‘Towards Relational Public Services’ that I have just had the […]

25th April 2023
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Guidance on how to use the new edition of the Family Star Plus within the Supporting Families Programme (2022-25)

The new Supporting Families outcomes framework was taken into account when creating the recently published 2nd edition of this version of the Star.