25th March 2020
Covid-19 Update for 25th March

Coronavirus update: Outcomes Star and support continuing

An update on Triangle and the Outcomes Star services in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3rd March 2020
Photograph of a list on a fridge with magnets. List highlights the tasks a carer might need to complete and lists talking about self and self-care last

Carers Star makes collaboration count

The Carers Star is an Outcomes Star which helps to measure the impact of ‘care for the carers’, Carers Leeds and Crossroads Together comment on how the Star works for their organisations and service users.

26th February 2020

The importance of relationships with youth in mind

Tom Currie reflects on his attendence at, and thoughts from, the Youth in Mind Conference held in February 2020.

7th February 2020

Young people and mental health: How to make the conversation count

Joy Mackeith reflects on young people’s mental health and how My Mind Star can open up conversations between schools, services and the young people they support.

24th January 2020

We may not live in Hawkins, but young people face stranger things than you or I had to deal with!

Ahead of attending Oxfordshire Youth’s and Oxfordshire Mind’s Youth in Mind conference next month, Tom Currie, Outcomes Star’s Implementation Lead, reminisces and reflects on his adolescence and how it compares to that of today.

9th January 2020

Year in review: Shining brightly in uncertain times

2019, Triangle and the Outcomes Stars year in review. Capturing some of our activities, projects, sucesses of our social enterprise.

6th January 2020

Christmas newsletter round-up

Our December 2019 newsletter round-up included news on the new and improved Star Online system, as well as new and upcoming Outcomes Stars. Our directors have recently attended several conferences and share their thoughts and reflections on the events: Sara Burns shares her thoughts on Hospice UK’s annual conference while Joy MacKeith shares her reflections […]

31st December 2019

Safeguarding Students: Two key questions

Sara Burns, co-creator of Triangle and the Outcomes Star, explains how she learnt more than she set out to at the Safeguarding Students conference in Manchester.

11th December 2019

Reflections: Hospice UK’s annual conference

Sara Burns, co-founder and director of Triangle and one of the authors of the Outcomes Stars reflects on her attendance at Hospice UK’s annual conference in Liverpool. Hospice UK’s annual conference Dying for Change, Evolution and Revolution in Palliative Care was held in November 2019

27th November 2019

Pathway Star points the way for person-centred employment services

Use the Pathway Star for “person-centered support” in employment services offering one-to-one help for people with complex needs to help individuals overcome their specific challenges. The Pathway Star is the Outcomes Star for people overcoming barriers to work and is designed for work with people facing significant barriers to work.