16th June 2022

Coming home with the Home Star

Outcomes Star for homelessness gets a radical overhaul: the resulting Home Star is now published – and it’s a truly person-centred Star for homeless people.

16th June 2022

New ‘How to’ guide explains how the Outcomes Star can turn Human Learning Systems principles into practice

The Star is one of the tools identified in the Centre for Public Impact’s recently launched guide: Human Learning Systems: A practical guide for the curious, commissioned by Healthcare Improvement Scotland and Iriss.

16th June 2022

Human Learning Systems – A practical guide to doing public management differently

Human Learning Systems is a radically new way of doing public management: the task of resourcing and organising public service.

4th April 2022
Triangle Blog: New Home Star for homelessness and other needs

Launched: Home Star, the new Star for homelessness and other needs

Triangle is excited to launch the new Home Star after a significant two-year review process in collaboration with service providers and people using homelessness and housing services. Why we reviewed the Star Much has changed in the housing sector for both people and service providers since the Star’s last revision in 2017. The environment has […]

25th March 2022
Triangle Blog: Ways to wellness- The Well-being Star within social prescribing

Ways to Wellness: The Well-being Star within social prescribing

Ways to Wellness recently published a report we contributed to, celebrating six years of their innovative and internationally recognised social prescribing service. The service supports people aged 40-74 years old with specific long-term conditions, many of whom have complex medical, practical and social needs. GPs refer patients to receive support from link workers for 18 […]

27th January 2022
Stock photograph over a man's shoulder, showing a hand resting on a laptop keyboard with some colourful graphs on a piece of paper

Making change visible: The Outcomes Star captures important achievements that could be missed by focusing on hard outcomes

As the creators of a suite of measures capturing distance travelled towards ‘hard outcomes’ we are sometimes asked whether there is evidence that Star readings correlate with or predict outcomes such as offending or employment. In some cases, we hear there is resistance to using the Star and instead commissioners, managers or funders are only […]

29th December 2021
Stock photograph showing 3 people sitting at a desk, smiling while one writes notes.

The Outcomes Star as a management information tool

The Outcomes Star is well established as a tool for supporting effective keywork and demonstrating achievements. Here, ‘Triangle’s Research Analyst, Dr Anna Good, discusses a third benefit, the opportunity for internal learning. This new briefing describes how Star data can be used to improve service delivery. Learning from Star data at all levels of the […]

21st December 2021

Outcomes Star Licensed Trainers – Continual Professional Development programme (CPD)

Triangle has launched a new online annual CPD programme to support licensed trainers in 2022.

8th November 2021
Stock image looking over someones shoulder while writing on a notebook, looking at a laptop screen showing a woman gesturing and talking via zoom

New dates: Introductory Star Online sessions for managers and practitioners

Session 1: A practitioners guide to the Star Online Wednesday 16th March 2022 at 14:00Register in advance on Zoom here.   Tuesday 19th April 2022 at 11:00Register in advance on Zoom here.  Session 2: Introduction to Star Online Reporting Dashboards.  Wednesday 9th March 2022 at 14:00Register in advance on Zoom here. Monday 25th April 2022 at […]

27th October 2021
Integration Star banner

Mapping the Integration Star onto the Home Office Indicators of Integration framework

The Home Office’s Indicators of Integration framework was developed in collaboration with academics, migrant organisations, the voluntary sector, local and national governments, and migrants themselves in order to provide a common language for ‘understanding, planning, monitoring and measuring integration’. The latest version published in 2019, identifies 14 domains of integration with which to design, implement […]