Supporting IT and the Outcomes Star™

We offer a number of IT solutions that make it easy for you to make the most of Outcomes Star tools and data.

Although the Star can be used as a purely paper-based tool, we are working with more and more organisations to help them realise the benefits of completing the Star on screen and in using software to capture, analyse and learn from Star data.

Used by nearly 500 organisations from the UK and around the world, our recommended route is to use our Star Online web application ( The Star Online is an intuitive and easy-to-use system that gives organisations a dedicated Star portal for accessing licences, disseminating PDF materials, completing Stars, notes and action plans on screen with service users, quick data entry options from paper records, and running ready-made analysis and reports using Star data. Costing just £33 per individual staff member per year1, the Star Online provides value for money compared to many client/case management systems and is used extensively by both larger and smaller organisations.

Whilst some organisations choose to run the Star Online alongside their own software system – with guidance for teams to ensure the necessary data and processes are aligned between the two (for example, using consistent service user ID numbers, or uploading PDFs of completed Stars into case management records) – this is not suitable for everyone. We support clients who already have their own software solutions in place, and would like to minimise duplication for their workers.

Triangle will work with and authorise software providers to create Star functionality directly in their existing IT systems in a way that complies with copyright requirements and delivers a quality user experience in line with good Star practice.

There are currently 15 Approved Software System Providers (ASSPs) who are licensed to incorporate the Outcomes Star within their systems – a full list can be found here. If you do not see your system on the list and would like to use the Star in your IT, please get in touch with Angela Kallabis, our Business Manager, on or 020 7272 8765 to check if discussions are already underway or to be put in touch with your software provider to get the ball rolling.

For a free 30 day trial of the Star Online, visit

1 For Licences With Web App (Star Online) there is a minimum purchase of 20 annual licences (£33 x 20 = £660) and a one-off set-up cost of £75 in year one. All prices are exclusive of VAT.