Launched: Home Star, the new Star for homelessness and other needs

Triangle is excited to launch the new Home Star after a significant two-year review process in collaboration with service providers and people using homelessness and housing services.

Why we reviewed the Star

Much has changed in the housing sector for both people and service providers since the Star’s last revision in 2017. The environment has got tougher, and more services are shorter term. People’s needs have become more complex and there are now more women accessing support services. We were aware some areas of the Star could be improved, and we were keen to bring it up to date.

How we reviewed it

Over several years we listened to people using this Star, had meetings, a workshop and roundtable, then put out a wide call for feedback to all users we could contact. We are grateful to many people who shared suggestions and reviewed successive drafts, include those from MEAM, Crisis, Homeless Link, P3, Two Saints and PIE in the UK and Salvation Army, Ruha and Unique Outcomes in Australia.

What has changed?

The new edition – the Home Star – is a substantial improvement, in the language, scales, design and resources.

The Home Star is better suited to women and those with ongoing, complex needs. The language is more sensitive to people experiencing trauma and more explicit about housing, economic and other factors beyond someone’s control. Scales where there were issues have been revised, to include being a victim of crime and the possibility that drugs, and alcohol may be a coping strategy.

We have improved the look of the core materials and added new resources to support engagement and accessibility, including flashcards.

See our webpage for more about the Home Star. If you already use the Homelessness Star, please see our guidance document for how to switch to the new Home Star.

To learn more about the development of the Home Star, please see our Development of the Home Star report.