16th June 2021
The Change Star banner

Free Star Online orientation session for clients this July

Triangle is running free demos for client organisations in July.

15th June 2021
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The Outcomes Star: helping make trauma informed philosophy practice

5 ways that the Outcomes Stars directly support trauma-informed working

10th June 2021
Integration Star banner

The Integration Star and refugees – common questions and answers

Frequently asked questions about using the Integration Star and how it can be used to support services and service users Last October, Triangle launched the Integration Star, the Star to support refugees to integrate into life in the UK. The development of the Star has been a collaboration with the Refugee Council and the Star […]

3rd June 2021
Dark green background with write writing that reads Family Stars feedback wanted

We’re reviewing the Family Stars

Triangle begins the review process for new and improved editions of the Family Stars

26th May 2021
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Introducing the new and improved Youth Star to practitioners

The 2nd Edition of the Youth Star: what’s changed and what practitioners need to do to use it.

25th May 2021
Old black and white photograph taken of a group of people in Hong Kong

Going back to my roots: Presenting the Carers Star to the Carers Awareness Day in Hong Kong

Star co-creator Joy MacKeith reflects on how the Carers Star is taking her back to where she started life in Hong Kong.

20th May 2021
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Recruiting now: Client Services Co-ordinator

Join our team and apply for our client services co-ordinator role!

11th May 2021
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Moving to the Youth Star 2nd Edition

A briefing to support services using the Youth Star (1st Edition) to move to the improved 2nd edition.

10th May 2021
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5 things licensed trainers and keyworkers need to know about trauma-informed approaches

Nick Karr shares his top 5 things for licensed trainers to be aware of when working in a trauma-informed way

30th April 2021
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Employability and the Outcomes Stars

Our Managing Director reflects on Employability Day and how the Stars support organisations in the employment sector.