30th January 2023

Triangle to launch updated Outcomes Star training course for learners and Licensed Trainer community

New resources meet dual face-to-face and virtual training needs The Covid-19 pandemic propelled organisations delivering training to shift training delivery online immediately. In the early days, it was a hectic scramble to make the most of technology for teaching and to produce virtual training resources quickly. Two years on, we are delighted to announce the […]

26th January 2023

Triangle to launch new editions of the Family Star Plus and Family Star, April 2023

Triangle to launch new editions of the Family Star Plus and Family Star in April 2023, mapped to the Supporting Families Initiative 2022-25. Read more.

26th January 2023

New GIRFEC mapping guidance for Scottish organisations and practitioners using My Star (Scotland)

Triangle launches new GIRFEC mapping guidance for practitioners and organisations using My Star to support children, young people and families. Read more.

26th January 2023

Scottish Association for the Study of Offending (SASO) Annual Conference 2022

Triangle’s Scottish Implementation Lead, Jim Borland reflects on the SASO 2022 conference, exploring obstacles to obtaining justice. Read more.

26th January 2023

Outcomes Star ‘virtual training’ package developed as a result of Covid-19

Triangle’s remote Outcomes Star training delivers an engaging (& enjoyable) learning experience. Offers increased flexibility, and choice, saving time and money. Read more.

7th December 2022

Blog: The National Homelessness Event

In this blog, Triangle’s Research Analyst, Dr. Anna Good reflects on the recent National Homelessness Event and outlines how the new Home Star is aligned with the latest thinking. Dr Teixeira, Chief Executive Officer at the Centre for Homelessness Impact opened the conference with a powerful address that noted that ‘we need to act quickly […]

7th November 2022

#SheMatters Conference Oct 2022

I am Marie Buss, I support Triangles clients who are typically Local Authorities, NHS organisations, and charities, to use the Outcomes Stars well within their services across the South East of England. I am also an ex-Probation Officer, so I was delighted to recently attend the #SheMatters conference on Oct 21st, 2022 as I wanted […]

28th October 2022

CAMHS National Summit 2022: The power of listening

Karen Bodger shares her reflections on CAMHS 2022 National Summit: Transforming Mental Health Services for Adults and children.

26th September 2022

Welcome back to conference season! Autumn 2022

Events & Exhibitions Autumn has arrived! After a notable absence in these past few years due to the pandemic, we are delighted the industry conferences are awakening again. We are exhibiting at three key exhibitions in the latter part of 2022 and attending several more.  Scroll to the bottom to learn more.  At the time […]

26th September 2022

Going for collaboration at the GoLab Conference

Triangle co-founder and Outcomes Star co-author Joy MacKeith reflects on the theme of collaboration at this year’s Social Outcomes Conference and points to Human Learning Systems as an effective way to make this the norm in service delivery. Hear Joy describe what Triangle has learnt about what works in service delivery in this podcast Watch […]