Interested in collaborating with Triangle on Star research?

Triangle is looking for organisations to collaborate with on research into versions of the Outcomes Star.

We are particularly interested in carrying out psychometric analysis to evidence that the Stars are both valid and reliable measurement tools, but are open to designing the research with you and adding other research questions that are of particular interest to you.

This is an opportunity to be part of original research on the Star, contributing to the growing body of knowledge about the use of different versions of the Star and to debates surrounding outcomes measurement more generally. We will aim to write up and publish the research either as a Triangle document or in a peer reviewed journal.

In return for research collaboration, Triangle can produce a Key Findings Report for your organisation and provide an in-depth analysis of your Star data.  Linked to this, collaborators will have access to the new Scale Checker tools and support with Star implementation. 

If you are interested in collaborating with Triangle on a research project, please contact us for an initial discussion, or get in touch directly with our Research Co-ordinator, Emily Lamont –