10th May 2021
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5 things licensed trainers and keyworkers need to know about trauma-informed approaches

Nick Karr shares his top 5 things for licensed trainers to be aware of when working in a trauma-informed way

30th April 2021
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Employability and the Outcomes Stars

Our Managing Director reflects on Employability Day and how the Stars support organisations in the employment sector.

12th April 2021
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Meet the team…Jane Borer, Client Services Manager

Jane shines a light on the client services team and what her preferred superpower would be…

6th April 2021
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Better outcomes for refugees

Dr Anna Good tells the story of how the new Star for refugees came into being.

2nd April 2021
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A day in the life of… the client services team

Our client services manager shares some insights about the client services team and it’s daily tasks

31st March 2021
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LT resource update

During 2020 we launched a new online system, and all training resources were moved over to that new site in November 2020. The ‘training library’ that some Licensed Trainers may remember has now gone and everything can be found in one place on the Star Online. All Licensed Trainers should have been sent a new […]

30th March 2021
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Demo dates for April-June 2021

New demo dates for Outcomes Star clients in April, May and June

29th March 2021

Introducing CPD sessions for Licensed Trainers

Introducing CPD training sessions for all Licensed Trainers

25th March 2021
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Planning Star helps provide sensitive support for young asylum seekers

The Planning Star can lead to better support for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

22nd March 2021
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Vacancy: Client Services Advisor

Seeking an excellent, friendly and confident Client Services Advisor