Vacancy: Marketing and Product Manager

Want to be a part of something good? Seeking a new relationship (with an employer, not romantically)?

We are looking for a marvellous marketing and product manager to take our brand and products to new heights and push us forward into the future.


An amazing, creative and driven marketing and product manager with a desire to make a difference in the world. You’ll enjoy long walks (possibly), creating stimulating campaigns, writing copy, working on several strands of work across different sectors. You’ll love co-ordinating and commissioning content, creating plans and product launches. You won’t mind nurturing long-distance relationships with several remote based staff.  



A growing social enterprise, committed to strengthening our brand and identity. We’re still trying to find ourselves and our marketing voice, but we have a strong foundation in products, tools and a long history of working to support other organisations, charities, local authorities and in working to empower them, their keyworkers and, ultimately, their service users. We’ve recently committed to really upping our game and working on our brands and messaging and would love you to be a part of that.


Our hiring process:

  1. You find or are sent our job ad
  2. You read the ad
  3. It interests you
  4. You might read it again
  5. You visit our website and download the job description and application form
  6. You take a look at our website and realise the impact you could have on our organisation
  7. You decide to apply and fill in the application form
  8. We are interested in you and you attend an interview
  9. You complete our tests and accept our job offer
  10. You start to make a difference in an organisation that exists to make a difference


Find out more and apply

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You can download the job description and application form from our careers page to see if this is the next step for you. If you’d like an informal conversation about the position, please email