Thank you for a wonderful Outcomes Star training day. After you left, the room was buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement. We will continue to do what we can to embed this tool within the Adult Mental Health Directorate.

Rachel Dadswell, Dept of Psychiatry, Southampton University

Star training and support


Training is essential to support quality use of the Outcomes Star within keywork and the consistency and accuracy of the data collected. For this reason, in addition to a Star licence, all workers using the Star with service users must attend the essential One-day Introduction to the Outcomes Star. This course is the minimum requirement for Recognised Star Users and is run on site for groups of up to 16 participants.

Open course booking now

If you are a small organisation or team using the Star, with 1-4 workers to train in any version, you can now book onto an open course in London for £195 per person (plus VAT). This one-day introductory course is on 4 June 2014 and is intended to make training more accessible to small organisations. The organisation will still need a Star Licence but the training costs are much lower than booking an in-house course for a whole team. 

Enquiries and bookings

Please complete a short, training enquiry form to help us respond appropriately to your enquiry. If you have any further queries, please contact us or call 020 7272 8765 to discuss your needs with a Star trainer and consultant.

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You can also use this form to find out about the additional courses and support we offer:

Implementation support

Adopting an outcomes approach in your organisation by implementing the Outcomes Star can bring a wide range of benefits including better, more outcomes-focused keywork, a more consistent approach within teams, better coordination between teams and with other agencies, and timely relevant outcomes information for management and external reporting.

Achieving these benefits requires an implementation programme and on-going attention and support to make it happen.

We can support your organisation with all aspects of implementation including:

  • Working with an internal steering group of key individuals driving the implementation process (often managers from each of the services) and advising one or more Organisational Star Champions throughout the process. This can include meetings with the steering group prior to training and being available for telephone and email support throughout
  • Designing an organisational change programme as needed to roll out the Star, including:
    • Selling the Star internally (presentation/workshop)
    • Supporting decision making on which version(s) to use
    • Planning the most appropriate training combination and timing
    • Reviewing and combining your paperwork to avoid duplication
  • Reviewing existing assessment, review and risk assessment forms to help choose what needs to be gathered in addition to the Star data
  • Combining the forms and process on paper
  • How to make the Star work on an IT level, including:

Contact us or call 020 7272 8765 to be put in contact with the best person to discuss the needs of your organisation.