New Justice Star™ – youth collaborator needed!

Do you work with people involved in the criminal justice system? Do you want to capture and report outcomes information whilst also supporting positive change? We are currently piloting the new Justice Star with a wide range of collaborators and are looking for a Youth Service in the UK to join us.

With over 20 versions of the Outcomes Star available, we are delighted to be working with 10 collaborators to develop a new addition to our family of tools: the Justice Star, for people involved in the criminal justice system. Our collaborators span three continents – UnitingCare West in Australia and the Fortune Society in New York, combined with Leicestershire Police, Sodexo Justice Services, Lifeline, The Shaw Trust, North London Forensic Services, Lancashire Women’s Centres and Barnardo’s Family Support Services in the UK.

Thanks to the input from our collaborators, we are now at pilot stage and have navigated a number of choices and debates both with collaborators and within Triangle ourselves. Our collaborators were keen to have one version of the Star if possible, and so our multi-discipline team here at Triangle have brought 12+ years of experience to the ‘jigsaw puzzle’: creating a tool for young people, parents and women; incorporating a focus on accommodation and work both in the community and in custody settings; working bottom up whilst matching to the 7 UK Offender Pathways; and bringing consistency, colour and clarity throughout the development.

The pilot Justice Star is now being rolled out with our collaborators, and is relevant for people on short-term custodial sentences, approaching release or in the community1. Although we are delighted with the variety of collaborators we are working with, the testing of the pilot Star specifically with young people is limited. Therefore we are looking for one to two Youth Offending teams or similar, in the UK, who would be interested in working with us – collaborators need to cover some costs and train workers involved in the pilot. Please get in touch with us at or 020 7272 8765 for more information.

Full publication of the Justice Star is scheduled for early 2016 – we’re looking forward to the feedback and learning from our collaborators and would like to thank them again for their investment and involvement so far.

1 The Recovery Star Secure was developed in secure settings and is relevant for people on long-term sentences. More information available here.