The Young People sector

Explore the Stars available for youth work

Services in the youth work sector are often focused on many different aspects of a young person’s life, working with them to facilitate their development and to help them reach their full potential.

Services in this sector can range from open-access services such as youth centres through to targeted services such as for young people leaving care to live independently.

My Star

My Star can be used with children in families receiving services, looked after by foster carers or in a children’s home.  My Star has been designed primarily for use with children aged between 7-14 and is ideal for capturing the child’s voice and perspective in family support work.

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Youth Star

The Youth Star is the version of the Outcomes Star designed for universal youth work in community settings.

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Young Person’s Star

The Young Person’s Star has been designed for use with young people moving into independent living, such as care leavers.

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Support Star (Young People)

The Support Star (Young People) is designed for use with young people facing serious illness.

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Teen Star

The Teen Star is a version of the Outcomes Star that has been designed for use with young adults experiencing substance misuse issues and other complex needs.

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Shooting Star

The Shooting Star has been specifically designed for use with young people in education settings, to support and measure broader goals outside of academic achievement.

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Student Star

The Student Star has been designed for use with young people with additional needs, in a college or education setting.

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