Evidence and research into the Star

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the validity and reliability of the Outcomes Star.

For a summary of this evidence, download our briefing “The Outcomes Star: Unpacking the Evidence.”

The evidence and research assess two aspects of the Outcomes Star:

  • The effectiveness of the Star as a keywork tool, assessing the extent to which:
    • the Star measures the things that matter to service users
    • the Star helps service users and practitioners to make sense of the situation and to make the changes they need to make.
  • The validity of the Star as an outcomes tool – assessing the extent to which:
    • The Star demonstrates change over time in a service (‘responsiveness’)
    • The Star relates to the scores produced by other tools measuring the same construct (‘convergent validity’)
    • The Star can be used consistently across workers (‘inter-rater reliability’)
    • The Star can be used consistently over time (‘test-retest reliability’)
    • The Star areas fit together coherently (‘internal consistency’ and ‘factor structure’)

Research Library

A full list of all reports and published articles about the Outcomes Star can be found in our Research Library.  This list can be filtered by each version of the Star, as well as by key topic or theme.


Researching the Star

Triangle is carrying out on-going research on the effectiveness of the Star as a key-work tool and the psychometrics of the Star as a measurement tool.   In addition we are in touch with a number of research institutions who are carrying out their own independent research. 

If you are interested in conducting research into the Outcomes Star, please download our guide for researchers here. Triangle can also provide guidance and work alongside you in the design, analyses and write-up. If you are putting together a research proposal please remember that the Star is a licensed tool with training an essential requirement, so you will need to build these costs into the budget. 

We are particularly interested in research assessing the psychometric properties of the Star, and specifically including relating Star data to data from other tools, and behavioural or ‘hard’ outcomes (e.g. school attendance, use of public services). 

If you would like to discuss any of these areas, please contact us and specify that your enquiry relates to Research.