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Essential information to assist you in getting to grips with Star Online, including how to log-in, how to activate your and your practitioner accounts as well as frequently asked questions to help you find your way around the new system.

Getting started for practitioners

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Account leads

How to activate your practitioner accounts

Account leads must activate their practitioner accounts within 7 days of account migration, then their organisation can fully use the new Star Online.

The Star Online has a modern look and feel, with new tabs and a range of features, here are some quick video's designed to help organisations get the most out of the system.

How to log in for the first time

How to activate your practitioners

Top tips when logging in

Homepage orientation

Help centre orientation

How to create a service user

How to search for records

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Star Online is a system to store Outcomes Stars. Organisations pay for a licence and training and an account on the Star Online. For more information on what your organisation is licensed to use, please contact your account lead.

Capturing better outcomes

With over 75000 new Stars completed already on the new Star Online, the system is designed to support and empower you in improving your outcomes.

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