Using the Star Online and other software

Getting the most out of the Star by using it in Triangle’s online app or in your own IT system

Although the Star can just be used on paper, having an electronic way to complete Stars and store Star data can be hugely important in getting the most out of the Outcomes Star. Not only does it make analysing the data possible in many different ways, but it can also make it easier and more engaging to complete the Star collaboratively with service users.


About the Star Online

The Star Online is Triangle’s web-based application designed to support organisations with all aspects of using the Outcomes Star.

Key features and benefits include:

  • A one-stop portal for all the latest Star materials and resources
  • Ability to complete the Stars on screen with service users and quickly and easily reference the Scales and detailed descriptions usually found in the User Guide for each Star, meaning no paper copies are needed
  • Optimised for use on mobiles and tablets, and with ͚text only͛ options to support accessibility for people who are visually impaired
  • Quick data entry options making it more efficient to enter Star data from Stars completed on paper
  • Ready made outcomes reports for service users, projects/services and organisations, as well as raw data downloads for more sophisticated data analysis

The Star Online is an online system specifically designed to support use of the Star, rather than aiming to be full service client management system. Because it is web based, the Star Online needs very little set up and requires internet access only – no additional software or hardware is needed.

For a short video introducing you to the Star Online, please visit

For costs, terms of use or to buy licences to use the Star Online, please see our Terms and Prices page.

Working with Approved Software System Providers

Triangle understands that many organisations will already have software solutions in place for their service user information, and that incorporating the Star within those can make using the Star much easier for keyworkers and managers. This is why we collaborate with software providers to approve the use of the Outcomes Star in third party systems.

If you use a third party software system, or if you are the developers of a software system for public and voluntary services, then please do get in touch with us for an initial discussion about incorporating the Star.

The following organisations are the licensed and Approved Software System Providers (or are in the process of developing the capacity and acquiring a licence) to include the Star within their software system: