Mental Health Recovery Star

Development: Triangle in collaboration with the Mental Health Providers Forum (MHPF)

Copyright: Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Limited and the Mental Health Providers Forum.

Outcome areas:

  1. Managing mental health
  2. Physical health and self care
  3. Living skills
  4. Social networks
  5. Work
  6. Relationships
  7. Addictive behaviour
  8. Responsibilities
  9. Identity & self-esteem
  10. Trust and hope

Underlying model of change:

  1. Stuck
  2. Accepting help
  3. Believing
  4. Learning
  5. Self-reliance


  1. Star Chart, User guide and Organisational guide
  2. Information on translating the Recovery Star into other languages 
  3. Recovery Star Online
  4. Visual flash cards for the 10 Star areas and 5 stages of the Journey of Change

Training and on-going support is essential for all workers to use the Recovery Star confidently, to effectively support people to change and to ensure meaningful, accurate outcomes data. Click here to find out more about Triangle's in-house training and licensed trainer scheme or email and we will call to discuss your training needs.

Find out what academics and practitioners had to say about the validity of the tool and the research agenda.

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