Keyworking at different stages of the journey

As well as underpinning the scales of the Outcomes Star™, the ladder of change can be a useful framework for thinking about the immediate goals of keywork with different service users and what kinds of interventions are most likely to be successful. The following guidance to keyworkers is based on the ladder of change as described in the homelessness and mental health versions of the Star.


The goals for keyworking with someone at this stage are preventing or minimising harm to self and others, developing trust, making a fuller assessment and building on occasional moments of dissatisfaction to open a discussion about change.... more

Accepting help

The goal at this stage is to improve their situation in practical ways and give support. This gives the stability and space they need to address other issues and may build their hope that things can be better.... more


Now the goal is to support the inner shift towards believing in themselves and their future and help the person to translate the new momentum into specific goals and small, practical, achievable steps.... more


The focus at this stage is on celebrating their achievements and supporting them through the setbacks, helping the person reflect on their experiences to support their learning.... more


The goal of keywork at this final stage is to continue to reinforce the learning that has taken place, to help the person build support networks outside the project and ensure that they know how to spot for themselves the warning signs that they might need help in this area.... more

More information about training for keyworkers in using the Star.