The parents we work with have such pressing needs; it's easy to lose sight of the needs of the family as a whole. Using the Outcomes Star™ helps us to stand back and take a systematic, structured approach.

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Improving keywork

A study of 25 organisations using the homelessness version of the Outcomes Star™ or the Rochdale Dial (a version of the Star developed for Rochdale Supporting People Team) found that all 25 said that keywork had improved as a result of using the Star.

  • Hands process back to the client: Rather than being a form that the worker completes in the presence of the service user, the Outcomes Star™ is a shared tool which worker and service user can discuss and interpret together. This hands the process back to the client and helps them move into a more active role.
  • Supports creativity and innovation: Because it takes the focus away from the problem and onto the next step on the journey it supports creativity and innovation in thinking about how to make that step possible.
  • Workers engage with the whole person: Because it is a holistic tool which covers all key areas of someone’s life it helps workers engage with the whole person rather than just the problems that have brought them to the service.
  • Open new conversations: Workers can use the tool to open new conversations in areas they might otherwise find difficult to raise.
  • Makes progress visible: The visual format provides a very accessible snapshot of someone’s current situation and when a second reading is taken, it makes progress very visible. This is very motivating for both the service user and the worker.
  • Helps identify next steps: The ladder of change provides a bigger more meaningful picture of the achievements and setbacks service users experience. It helps people see when they have made progress even when this progress is small and helps identify the next steps they need to take on their journey.

Download the full research report.

The Star improves keywork because it shifts the focus from the service provider and what they do to the service user and how they change. More information about being a client-focused organisation.

More information about training for keyworkers in using the Star.