Development of the Outcomes Star

The development of the Outcomes Star™ has been an iterative bottom-up process in which the tool has been tested, improved and re-tested a number of times. For a more theoretical description of the Star methodology and development process please see Joy MacKeith’s article in Housing Care and Support.

Here is a brief summary of the phases of development:


Triangle developed the St Mungos Star in 2003 to measure outcomes across all St Mungo's services... more

The Outcomes Star was developed by Triangle and published by the London Housing Foundation in December 2006....more

The Outcomes Star was picked up in other sectors and it emerged that it had broad applicability. The Mental Health Providers Forum worked in collaboration with Triangle to develop a version tailored to the needs of mental health service providers and the  Recovery Star was published in 2008.  Around the same time Homeless Link took over the promotion of the homelessness version......more

St Mungos adoped the Outcomes Star and research carried out by Triangle with St Mungo's confirmed the usability and validity of the data from the Outcomes Star for learning and service improvement. A study of 25 organisations using the Star showed that using the Star also improved the quality of key-work..... more

New versions are developed for teenagers with drug and alcohol problems, people getting back to work and older people. Picture resources are developed for the Recovery Star and a brief version for day services.... more