Family Star™ and Family Star Plus

The resources for the Family Star and Family Star Plus are available free of charge to those who have received training in its use and those who have a full account for the Star Online, the Outcomes Star web appliction. View-only versions are available to download free of charge from this website (below).  

The Family Star is widely used within local authorities and voluntary sector services across the UK (listed below). We are also piloting the Family Star Mini, developed with RBKC, for use in briefer interventions with parents of babies and young children, including drop-in groups with some one to one support. 

The Family Star – the Outcomes Star for parents (second edition)

Development: Triangle with Camden Council CSF and Camden service providers including Hopscotch, Coram, Elfrida Rathbone, Families In Focus, Agar Grove Children's Centre and the YOS, plus Family Action and additional piloting and feedback from Hampshire Family Services. 

Outcome areas: The Family Star covers eight areas of parenting essential to enabling children to thrive: 

  1. Physical health
  2. Emotional well-being
  3. Keeping your children safe
  4. Social networks
  5. Education and learning
  6. Boundaries and behaviour
  7. Family routine
  8. Home and money


  1. Family Star Chart and Action Plan
  2. Family Star User Guide
  3. Family Star Organisation Guide 
  4. Good quality, A4 printed books of all Family Star materials can be purchased from Triangle. We recommend one User Guide for each worker. Two copies of the Star Chart and Action Plan are inserted in each User Guide and more can be purchased separately. 
  5. Family Star Online
  6. Training for managers and workers.

Family Star Plus

The Family Star Plus is a variant of the Family Star, with two additional scales to give greater focus on the parent themselves as well as their parenting abilities. It covers ten areas, with a scale on the parent’s progress to work and separate scales for the parent’s emotional well-being and their support of their children’s emotional well-being. The remaining seven scales are identical to those in the Family Star. 

The Family Star Plus is a direct response to the UK government’s Troubled Families initiative and provides evidence within the key areas of employability, anti-social behavior and school attendance. It may also be more suitable for families with older children.

Outcome areas

  1. Physical health
  2. Your well-being
  3. Meeting emotional needs
  4. Keeping your children safe
  5. Social networks
  6. Education and learning
  7. Boundaries and behaviour
  8. Family routine
  9. Home and money
  10. Progress to work


  1. Family Star Plus Chart and Action Plan
  2. Family Star Plus User Guide
  3. Family Star Plus Organisation Guide 
  4. Family Star Plus Online
  5. Training for managers and workers.

The following is a list of UK local authorities known to be rolling out the Family Star and/or Family Star Plus, though may be incomplete:

  1. Slough
  2. Wakefield
  3. Oxfordshire
  4. Southampton City Council
  5. West Sussex
  6. Buckinghamshire
  7. Fife Council
  8. Leicestershire
  9. Luton
  10. Wokingham
  11. Westminster
  12. Staffordshire
  13. Peterborough
  14. Croydon
  15. Torbay
  16. Devon
  17. Northumberland
  18. Stoke on Trent
  19. Vale of Glamorgan
  20. Lancashire
  21. Cornwall
  22. Milton Keynes
  23. Hounslow
  24. Kirklees
  25. London Borough of Merton
  26. Barnsley
  27. Kent
  28. Bradford
  29. Haringey
  30. Camden